Event Website & Marketing


Event Website & Marketing


Custom Event Website Design

Overall TOUR website and single event site information, created and branded to match your brand. We provide all the details to get your site and TOUR up and running quickly, with access to top-level CMS controls. Personal team pages setup and administered by team members or outsourced to CGT. Your team does not need any IT or coding experience.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website
Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website

Email Marketing

CGT will deliver co-branded email templates and an email delivery platform to your email distribution list, as well as an industry database of golfers, through a combination of past players, tee time reservation databases and more.

Social Promotion and Marketing

Social tools and content management to focus on marketing your events and charities. CGT will oversee all aspects of Social marketing through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website


The CGT team will provide marketing and technology support to ensure your events are successful. We oversee all marketing efforts and channels, social media content and distribution to drive more registrations and more donations!


Event Registration & Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


Golf-specific Registration

Online registration and ecommerce management for your event registrations and donations. Golfers will be able to choose specific events and can add multiple team members, or invite colleagues to joint their team, via email and/or social networks.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website
Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website

Donations Leaderboards

Real time donation leaderboards for the TOUR, individual events and individual teams. Integrated with a social and email marketing program, these leaderboards will significantly enhance the donation opportunities and strategies for the client.

Secure Payment Processing

CGT partners with PCI compliant partners to ensure your registration and donation transactions are secure and posted properly.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website
Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website

Sponsorship Sales

CGT will develop and manage a sponsorship program catered to our TOUR and individual events. CGT works with national corporate entities and can provide insight and relationships with these partners.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

We can turn your event in to a fundraising powerhouse. The incorporation of Social Media will increase fundraising by at least 40%. Clients can utilize our custom built technology for their golf events to raise more money through participants.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website


Event Reporting & Constituent Database Development


Custom Reports

Several administrative reports are available in real time so clients can get a snapshot of event registrations, donations and revenue.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website
Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website

Surveys & Analytics

Post-event surveys will provide feedback and information. Site analytics are setup to monitor activity, allowing real time marketing changes and enhancements.

Database Development

We work with our clients to build a database of event registrants and interested parties for each TOUR. Our platform allows for database development before, during and after the TOUR events.

Emmitt Smith Golf Challenge Website