Our team at CGT is thrilled to be able to combine our enthusiasm and experience in golf with our custom development, technology and marketing expertise into a service that is helping charities maximize their fundraising potential.

Golf has a long tradition as the preferred vehicle to raise funds for charity. It has been proven that golf generates more money for charity than all other sports activities and most other activities in general.

However, the traditional charity golf outing is highly labor intensive and, often, is not financially efficient after you consider the costs (greens fees, food & beverage, etc.).  Ultimately, unless your charity has a relationship with a golf club and is fortunate to have the golf club donated, only a small percentage of the gross receipts actually go to the charity.

That’s where Charity Golf Tech comes in with options for your charitable event:

  • Using our custom technology, social media expertise, peer-to-peer fundraising and customer support we created a Turnkey program that reduces your effort and exponentially increases the return for your charity.

CGT has proven to help our charity clients run regional or national programs and accomplish major fundraising feats with very small staffs.  And Charity Golf Tech fees are 100% performance based.

It is important to note that the passion and dedication our charity organizers have for their cause is what accounts for the charity’s success.  CGT makes it easier and far more productive for your charity.

Management Team:

Matt Kraus

More than 25 years in sales, direct/database marketing, eCommerce and new business formation. As the founder of TeeTimeWatch.com, Matt has experience in all aspects of eCommerce websites and online marketing pertaining to golf. In additional to TTW’s own branded site, CGT has built and maintained eCommerce websites for GOLF.com, MasterCard, the LPGA, Els for Autism, The World’s Largest Golf Outing benefitting Wounded Warrior Project and Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities.

Matt overviews the strategy and operation of CGT, having pioneered the technology to create a unique fundraising concept for the golf industry. In the past two and a half years CGT’s technology platform and management has helped our clients raise $8.4 Million dollars and engaged over 51,000 players and donors.

Matt has a B.S. in Engineering from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Peter Dennis

Peter is a 20-year industry veteran inside the golf technology industry, managing and developing projects for large and small organizations. His primary background has been in the development of consumer-oriented technology for the handicap computation business, as well as the events management business and tee time reservation business

As a golf administrator for the Southern Texas Golf Association, as well as the USGA, Peter was heavily involved in the development of software for the course rating and handicapping system. This was followed by time in the private sector to build and create SaaS. Most recently, Director of Business Development at Active Network, the largest event management software and transactions company in the United States.

Peter has a B.S. in Economics/Business from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.